Private Consultations

Private Consultations

Private Consultations

The focus is to help individuals heal, energise, and become aware of their inner strengths. This is achieved by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and implementing a strategic plan designed to best achieve your goals.  


Youth Programs

Private Consultations

Private Consultations

Strategically designed mindfulness and Rock & Water Programs that focus on improving the overall well-being of young people.  These programs are aimed to bring the young person into awareness of themselves, others, and much more.


Business Programs

Private Consultations

Business Programs

These programs being focused on assisting businesses to achieve and/or nurture mindful, consistent, high performing teams of staff.   These program can be focused to any business type, level of management, worker and industry.



Katie, Adelaide

"I have recently completed three hypnotherapy with energy healing sessions with Amanda.  I found her very kind, approachable and easy to talk to.  After each session I walked out feeling lighter and less anxious.  Amanda is very good at what she does, and certainly has a gift for healing.  I admit that I was a little sceptical to start with, but I was blown away by the experience.  I totally recommend!  Thank you Amanda!"

Julie, Sydney

"I have just completed four sessions of hypnotherapy with Amanda, Infinite Flow. I am thrilled with the results, less negative chatter, no more vertigo, sleeping better more at peace within myself. Thanks Amanda, amazing and satisfying outcome for me." 

Francine, Sydney

"I have experienced numerous healing sessions from Amanda both in person and via distance healing and I have never walked away feeling anything less than 100% and fully revived. She brings in some really beautiful and strong energies to help shift blockages. I highly recommend her services."  

Julie, United Kingdom

"Amanda has an incredible ability to heal. When I lived in Australia I saw Amanda and had a healing, never to be forgotten! I was floored by the heat coming from her hands. I felt amazing, a little fuzzy in the head, but great. I have since moved to the UK and although I was a little skeptic, I booked a healing. I lay on my bed and listened to some chilled music, and felt amazing once again. Again I felt the same fuzzy head. I would definitely recommend. Very talented lady!!"  

Linda, Sydney

"Yesterday I experienced a truly relaxing energetic healing session with Amanda. I came away feeling lighter and brighter and totally relaxed. No complaints from me!! Highly recommend this lovely lady."


Jack, Sydney

"Really exciting to get opportunity to cover both the Seichem 2 and Reiki 2 training with Amanda.  Being guided all the way through the course I felt very much uplifted and supported by her.  Her guided meditation was absolutely awesome... with various choices in what journey I could go on to receive gifts from my guides and Angelic family. Her voice was soft and delightful in delivery and allowed me to receive the upgrades needed in integration of the energies that were activated fully to enable me to be at my fullest potential as a healer.. and bring forth my innate abilities from my past incarnations as a healer and more. I look forward to working with Amanda in future to build upon my current combined skill set. Much LOVE and appreciation to you, Amanda. X" 

Trea, Sydney

"I have received distance healing twice from Amanda (with entity removal). Amanda also provides guidance, support and coaching before and after each clearing informing me how to keep my energy clear and me grounded, shielded and protected.  In addition, Amanda did a Tarot spread which was totally on point as to where I am on my journey and how to stay on path! I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough! I thank you sincerely, Amanda x" 

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