Well-Being in the Workplace

Well-being in the Workplace

With 15 years experience in corporate, I understand that the day can get very stressful. Especially when we have deadlines and targets to meet. My goal is to improve the overall well-being and synergy within teams enabling a powerful, relaxed and focused mind within each individual.  It is important that we balance ourselves, so that we can get the best out of our day whilst remaining in an empowered and healthy headspace. 

Here is where I would like to assist…

I design affordable Well-Being in the Workplace - mindfulness and relaxation programs, using various modalities such as NLP, meditation, EFT, mindfulness teachings and more. The programs being focused on assisting businesses to achieve and/or nurture mindful, consistent, high performing teams of staff.   These program can be focused to any business type, level of management, worker and industry.

Improvement in the following areas as a result of these programs:

· Cognitive and learning function

· Overall well-being

· Energy in the workplace

· Higher and more accurate productivity at work

· Releases stress and anxiety

· Improves focus

· Team building 

· Clarity, connection and quieting the mind

· Being in the moment

· Enhancing and encouraging imagination

· Work/Life balance

· Learning various meditation techniques and exercises

The programs vary and can be designed as follows:  

· 30-1 hour sessions – 1 or more times per week

· Specific workshop days

· During work hours, before or after, lunchtime

· Ongoing programs or short-term

(all tailored to suit budget and requirements)

It will be my pleasure to meet with your organisation to discuss the infinite possibilities further.

Inquire within. Thank you.