Youth Programs in Adelaide

Youth Mindfulness & Empowerment

My goal is to assist in making a difference in the lives of our youth and empowering them for our future.

I understand that there are many young people today who are unsure of their next step out into the real world and wondering what choices they have.  Many of our youth are dealing with various stresses, be it home-life, school work, peer pressure, and other situations that they may feel are beyond their control.

Here is where I would like to assist…

I design Youth Mindfulness and Empowerment Programs that focus on assisting young people and empowering them with the tools they need to cope with life’s challenges - finding what they need within themselves.  This program can be focused to any year level and can be tailored to meet individual or the broader group’s needs.

Aspects involved in the workshop:

· Learning mindfulness techniques that can be accessed throughout life

· Improving cognitive and learning ability

· Learning coping skills to deal with stress and anxiety

· Openness and building supportive and trusting with peers – group work

· Clarity, connection and quieting the mind

· Enhancing and encouraging imagination

· Various meditations and exercises

· Working with specific topics such as anxiety, bullying, body image, diet, exams, dream-building, goal-setting and so on…

For a well-researched report on 'The Evidence of Mindfulness in Schools for Children & Young People' by Katherine Weare, Emeritus Professor, Universities of Exeter and Southampton – see the link below.

The programs vary and can be designed as follows:  

· 1-2 hourly classes – 1 or more times per week

· Specific workshop days

· Before or/and after school

(all tailorable to suit budget and requirements)

I can also tailor these programs for staff to assist with managing a busy workload and day to day stressors. I am available to work with young people, staff and even parents on a one-to-one or group basis if desired.

It would be my pleasure to provide your organisation with a short demonstration or presentation.  

Contact me to discuss. Thank you.